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I am always listening for the author's voice ... 

everyone communicates uniquely. 

It's my job to express that individuality & let the story emerge.


Award-winning narrator Christa Lewis (@Liquidbelles) performs this emotional story with profound grace. Her voice is so real with pain and angst but also calm and pure at all the right moments. A standing ovation performance.


8 Earphones Awards, Narration                  2015 - 2021  
      Earphones Award, Directing                                  2022     
Sultry Listeners Award, Erotica                             2019
SOVAS Voice Arts Award, Biography                    2020
Audiobook Reviewers Choice Award                   2022
 2 Audie Nominations                              2018, 2020

YA w/German
Childrens Book
Cozy Mystery w/French
Fiction w/Russian
SciFi Fantasy w/Scottish
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I have been narrating audiobooks as Christa Lewis & Pippa Jayne since 2012 ...

300 audiobooks later there are 8 Earphones awards for narration & 1 Earphones award for directing, a SOVAS Voice Arts Award, a Sultry Listener's Award, an Audiobook Reviewers Choice Award & 2 Audie nominations.

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