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  Christa  Lewis  

I have been a full-time working voice actor since booking my first job at the microphone in 1995.
Commercial voice over, audiobook narration & Voice Actor career strategist and coach since

relocating to Los Angeles in 2011 and teaching all things voice over, professionally, starting in 2014.

I'm a graduate of Boston University's School of Fine Arts' Acting program.

Sessions cover studio set-up, software, tech, voice acting techniques & marketing strategies.

Christa is a passionate and magnetic entity. I first sought out her coaching because I hung on to her every word in podcast interviews; her opinions on storytelling are inspiring. Her level of connection with the text is something that I wanted to accomplish. I recommend Christa to the end of time, if you’re looking to find your voice in narration, fine-tune what you’ve already got, or reignite your fire for audio performance.

It also doesn’t hurt that she has a kind and loving soul.

Curtis Michael Holland

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